Calibration Center

National Authorized Correctional Institution

“In 1986, it was designated as the first flow field calibration institution in Korea and contributed to the improvement of the flow measurement level in Korea. In accordance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025 on May 19, 2001 in accordance with the changing international sentiment, It is recognized as a national calibration institution for 14 items of fluid flow rate from KOLAS.
We will provide customers with high-quality calibration services based on our pride as Korea’s representative in the flow field and our extensive experience in the oil, chemical and food industries (including dairy products), precise standard equipment and excellent technical personnel.”

What is the calibration institution accreditation system?

“The Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme evaluates the quality system and technical capability of a calibration laboratory by a qualified evaluator in accordance with the applicable standards (KS A ISO / IEC 17025; 2006) It is officially acknowledging that you have the ability.”


Accreditation Organization

Establish and operate accreditation system in accordance with ISO / IEC Guide 58 requirements


Calibration institution

“KS A 17025, approved by the accreditation body according to the requirements notified by the technical standard director”



Benefits of accredited certificate according to various standards and technical regulations

Recognition effect of calibration institution according to international standards

Ensure the reliability of the report by expressing the uncertainty of the calibration certificate
Internationally or nationally, participation in proficiency tests improves the reliability and correctability of measurement results
Establish mutual recognition network between countries to eliminate redundant inspection
– Various flowmeters (Including collecting flow meter)
Volumetric flow meter calibration device: Pipe Prover, Small volume Prover, Tank Prover

Our calibration available items

Various flowmeters (including collecting flow meter)
Volumetric flow meter calibration device: Pipe Prover, Small volume Prover, Tank Prover

Layer 20

Various types of test fluids

Layer 21

Wide flow range

Layer 22

Calibration of all flowmeters

Layer 23

Repair Service

Layer 24

International standard calibration inspection service


Various types of test fluids

“Flowmeters used throughout the laboratory and industry vary in their properties depending on the properties of the test fluid. Therefore, correct calibration results can be obtained by using the test fluid of the same or similar type as the actual fluid. Our company prepares water, kerosene, heavy oil, gas, etc., and selects the test fluid according to the customer’s requirement and calibrates it.”

Wide flow range

“We have the best calibration facility in Korea and satisfy customers’ requirements from the largest amount of ownership to the largest flow rate in Korea.”

Calibration of all flowmeters

“Various calibration devices and experienced technicians can perform calibration inspections for all kinds of flowmeters used in Korea.”

Repair Service

By utilizing the advantages of the flow specialist company, it is possible to provide service for maintenance and calibration of faulty flowmeter during use.

International standard calibration inspection service

We are an internationally accredited accredited calibration institution in accordance with the accreditation requirements of ISO / IEC 17025; 2006. The calibration certificate issued by our company is effective internationally under mutual recognition agreements between countries.

Calibration Application Procedure

Consultation on customer requirements – Preparation of calibration application – Delivery of application form and product – Delivery of our company, registration – Calibration (within 2 weeks of application) – Preparation of calibration certificate – Delivery of actual product and calibration certificate
Reservation Service

Reservation Service

If you work with us, you will receive proofreading on the scheduled date so you can reduce the burden on the calibration schedule.

Using a courier service

You can mail the item by courier at the time of correction application.

Repair interlocking service

Failure of the flowmeter due to deterioration or sudden accident caused by long-term use can cause a huge disruption to the customer’s production process.


We are doing our best to satisfy customers by linking calibration service and repair service.

Traceability of calibration test


National Standards Authority

Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science



National Calibration Inspection Agency



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