Hello, everyone.

This is CEO Jang, Kook-Jin of Flotron Corporation Ltd.

Flotron Corporation Ltd. has made continuous growth and advancement on the basis of its many years of accumulated technology and rich experience in the flowmeter and plant system part with its corporate vision to create value from the fluid flow. In addition, by focusing on the unyielding new technology development and in-depth original technology, Flotron has successfully accomplished the domestication of flowmeter equipment and related system, and on the basis of such technical strength, Flotron leads the domestic flowmeter market to grow into a global company in the domestic and overseas plant system field.

Flotron will be committed to do its best in continuous technology development and human resource development with its creative and challenging attitude to fulfill its misson and role as the “Global Top Maker’ in the flowmeter and system field with the international competitiveness in the 21st century, and we wish to have your continuing affection and interest to watch Flotron to grow as the world’s top notch company.

CEO Jang, Kook-jin